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Fiberglass pool step repairs for vinyl pools and one piece fiberglass swimming pool repairs.

Specialist in repairing fiberglass and acrylic swimming pool steps. Fiberglass swimming pool repair.

Pool Step Repair:
Replacement of fiberglass pool steps cost thousands of dollars and normally requires the placement of a new liner

              Stabilize washed out earth.

          Patch cracked and leaking  steps.

           Remove leaking blisters/bubbles.
               Re-coating for a  new finish.

We use a  repair process that shores up the existing steps from underneath without removing concrete or replacing the existing vinyl liner. The cracks and leaking blisters/bubbles are then repaired. The steps are then refinished with a specially manufactured epoxy providing a beautiful and durable finish.

Fiberglass Pool Repair: Major repairs to one piece fiberglass pools. The most common repair is for a pool that was drained to low allowing hydrostatic pressure to rupture the pool structure.
            Remove leaking blisters/bubbles
            Re-coating for a new finish

Gunite Pools: Epoxy coating for a like new finish

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See the following pages for repaired fiberglass steps and fiberglass pools.
Repair leaking steps.
Multiple cracks, degrading, delamination, blisters, Washed out support.
Crack on the step and the riser due to being washed out.
Fiberglass Pools with hydrostatic cracks, large blisters / bubbles and a crack from settlement.
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